Ambient weather display for your home

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We are currently in the process of redesigning and manufacturing Tempescope for retail release. Details will follow shortly. Any interested users or potential retail outlets, please contact me on Twitter.

Tempescope is an ambient physical display that visualizes the weather, inside your living room.

See the video below for a brief introduction:

(In Japanese)
(In English)

How To Build

See our tutorial pages on How to Build a Tempescope to build your own.

All of the schematics and CAD diagrams, and source code are available on our github pages.

Who are we

Ken Kawamoto ken@kawamoto.co.uk


All of the source code is released under LGPL

The hardware (CAD diagrams, schematics, etc) are released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

See LICENSE.txt for more details


Tempescope depends on the following libraries/APIs (amongst others):




Wunderground API